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Video extras

Mataora video extras.

  • Youthline Hygiene Appeal

Youthline have been doing a Hygiene Appeal this October promoting to help young people to get ‘squeaky clean’.

  • South Auckland Christian Food Bank

​S.A.C.F.B aim is to improve the quality of life for families in South Auckland and surrounding areas. They do this by assisting families with food, personal care items and budget advice.

  • Tā Moko at House of Natives

House of Natives tā moko artist Gordon Toi Hatfield gives Skye Stirling a pūhoro tā moko design (tattoo given on the thigh) to signify her new journey on having a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

  • Nanny Kura

Weaver expert Nanny Kura shares her knowledge of the world of weaving.

  • Papatūānuku Kōkiri Marae

Papatūānuku Kōkiri Marae helping Māori women pursue their fitness goals.

  • Travelling Māori

We follow cousins from Manutuke travelling abroad.

  • Te Puhi

A workshop and play reading for the play Te Puhi.

  • Kōanga Festival  

The new Kōanga Festival kicked-off on the 1st of September that includes shows, reading, writers workshop and a whānau day throughout the month of September.

  • Paopao

Showcasing our, up-and-coming Māori artists.

  • Whare Tū Taua

Showcasing Whare Tū Taua, māori weaponry and self-discipline.

  • Feed The Need

Feed the Need goes into decile 1 and 2 schools to feed the kids.

  • Suicide

Suicide and intentional self-harm continue to be a major public health issue in New Zealand.

  • Waikato Kuia Parehiwa Totorewa - Moko Kauae

Waikato Kuia Parehiwa Totorewa shares her journey in receiving her moko kauae.

  • O'Dell Toi - Art / Toi

Carving artist O’Dell Toi showcases his work.

  • Gisborne Boys High School - Takiri ko te Ata

Celebrating success of students at Gisborne Boys High School.

  • Taku Tāmaki – Auckland Stories

A look into one of the most catastrophic events in both Taranaki history and Māori history.

  • Taranaki History

A look into one of the most catastrophic events in both Taranaki history and Māori history.

  • A Tribute to the late Erima Henare

Prominent Te Tai Tokerau leader Erima Henare, leaves a great legacy behind.

  • Charles and Janine

Artist couple Charles and Janine Williams show case their work at House of Natives.

  • House of Natives

House of Natives opens their doors for the first time.