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Matangi Rau

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New series premieres, Sunday 26 March, 5.30pm.

New series premieres, Monday 20 March, 8.30pm.

Matangi Rau brings us Jeremy Tātere MacLeod, who visits elders from Ngāti Kahungunu, which covers the area from Wairoa down to the Wairarapa. 

On Demand video available to viewers in New Zealand and Australia.

On demand Recent videos

Matangi Rau, Series 6 Episode 12

Irihapeti Nukunuku runs her own Kōhanga and has a lot to say about what’s been happening with Kōhanga and the Kōhanga Board over the past year. She also talks about the things she used to do when she was a child.

Matangi Rau, Series 6 Episode 11

Kahu Waitoa was born in Tikitiki. But, has been living in Napier for around 40 years. Tātere visits her and they talk about not being able to speak Māori at school, yet they could only speak Māori at home.

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