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Series 2 repeats, Mondays, 9.00pm. Thursdays, 8.30pm (R).

Kuia will take us back to their younger days, they will tell of a time when electricity was a rarity, there will be tales of transition, from candlelight to electric light, from horseback to horsepower, they will talk of dark times, and reflect on things that impacted greatly on them like Christianity, Pākehā Law, the Great Depression and other issues of the time.

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On demand Recent videos

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 12

Awa Hudson A very young Kuia at 78. Awa, from Haranui Kaipara, is full of laughter as Joy Ngaropo-Hau chats with her about her life overseas in the airforce with her ‘pommie’ husband.

Kuia, Series 2 Episode 11

Takawai Christina Jacobs (78) o Te Aupōuri who was born at Rawene Hospital and grew up and schooled at home and in Pawarenga at a time when Māori was spoken at home and English at school.

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