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Repeats, Wednesdays, 9.00pm (R).

Currently off air.

The KAIRĀKAU series is a creative depiction of the lives of tupuna who lived on the land we call Aotearoa.

Elements of historic events and oral traditions have been drawn upon and re-sequenced to create each episode. The aim of this series is to keep the stories and traditions of our past alive.

Ancient Heroes of yesteryear re-discovered, re-examined and re-imagined.

On Demand video available to viewers globally.

On demand Recent videos

Kairākau, Series 1 Episode 8

This brand new action drama series takes the audience inside the world of historic Māori warriors as they each battle for life and death. Tonight part two of Te-o-Tane 's journey.

Kairākau, Series 1 Episode 7

Kairākau is a series that ultimately examines our identity through the spirit of Tūmatauenga. Tonight follows Ngāti Kahungunu warrior Te-o-Tane, as he overcomes betrayal.

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