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Kai Time on the Road

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Presented and directed by professional chef Peter Peeti, Kai Time on the Road is about eating fresh, local, Māori and organic food. Peeti is also a masterful hunter and fisherman equally at home in the bush as he is in the kitchen. Producers Reuben Collier and Jo Santamaria from Maui Productions, say the recipe for the show’s success is that it deals with real food and real people, exploring the hidden little places in Aotearoa and meeting amazing characters who really love their food. “Pete has gone to marae right beside the sea, gathered kaimoana in knee-deep water, and cooked it on the beach and turns it into a five star meal."

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Kai Time On The Road, Series 11 Episode 24

It’s market food Rotorua styles for Kai Time this week, where the locals and visitors flock for gourmet street food. We join in on the fun to explore the hidden treasures of tasty new food as we interact with chefs on site.

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