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Hunting Aotearoa, Series 8 Episode 11

(AO) Matua heads to the East coast of the South Island to Kurow and meets Gus Bisset from NZ Trophy Hunting. Gus leads Matua on a suspenseful deer and wallaby hunt behind the wire as Matua is having trouble landing a shot. (REPEAT)

Hunting Aotearoa, Series 9 Episode 22

(AO) This week Matua heads to Tokoroa to join Dairy Farmer John Fluety and his family on a pig hunt. John has been trying to catch a two-tonne pig that has frequented the area for the last few months and Matua is keen to help him.

Hunting Aotearoa, Series 7 Episode 26

On the last leg of Howie’s journey to the Hawaiian Islands, he joins a group of young pig hunting enthusiasts on the island of Oahu. Then Howie heads downunder to Mackay in Queensland Australia to learn more about the local delicacy, mud crab. (R)

Hunting Aotearoa, Series 8 Episode 5

(AO) This week Matua enters the Te Hapua Hunting Club’s annual pig hunting competition in the far north. Joined by Toka Maaka they race against the clock to catch a good sized boar for the event’s weigh in. (R)