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Terms and conditions, Homai te Pakipaki 2015

Competition Terms and Conditions:

By entering into the Homai te Pakipaki Live Singing Competition you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Homai te Pakipaki Competition period runs:
  • (Heat 1-20) - Friday, 15th May 2015 till Friday, 25th Sept 2015
  • (Semi 1-4) - Friday, 02nd Oct 2015 till Friday, 23rd Oct 2015
  • (Grand Final) - Friday, 30th October 2015

NB: During the season we will hold twenty heats, four Semi-finals and a Grand Final.

  1. REGISTRATION:  for Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants officially opens during the heats at the Māori Television studio every Friday from 3.00pm and will close at the discretion of Māori Television at approximately 5.30pm.
  2. Click here to open REGISTRATION FORM then hit the print button.
  3. HEATS:   Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants must be available in attendance up until 10.30pm on all heat record nights to meet the programmes demand. If they are the voted winners of their heat, they MUST also be available to attend their Semi-finals and Semi-Finals rehearsals.
  4. Ngā Kaiwaiata / Contestants who audition may be professional or non-professional artists of any ethnicity or gender.   
  5. Ngā Kaiwaiata / Contestants may audition as many times as they like if unsuccessful each season, however they will only receive one chance to perform LIVE in a heat on Māori Television. Once a Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestant has performed on screen in a heat, they will not be eligible for another turn until the following season.  The Grand Final Winner of Homai te Pakipaki is not eligible to re-enter the competition as a contestant at all. 
  6. Ngā Kaiwaiata / Contestants who are students from the age of 12 – 16 years must be accompanied by their official guardian, signing consent to us to release contestant information, images and recordings to media and sponsors, to send promotional material from the event organisers and sponsors, and agreeing to all conditions of entry. 
  7. Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants who choose to sing to karaoke can ONLY select songs from the Homai te Pakipaki karaoke song book, with a minimum of two song choices per Audition – also available from our Māori Television website. The Producer will decide which of the songs to audition and which one will be performed on air. Be aware that there is no full rehearsal of the song. (NB: There are 7,000 song options with our approved karaoke provider – see song list).
  8. Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants configuration may enter as a:
  • Soloist, Duet or Trio.  
  • Unsuccessful Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants may only Audition once per evening and cannot perform with any other configuration at any given period during that evening.
  • Successful Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants may only appear on stage during the Heats in one of the three allowable configurations during the 2015 season.
  1. SEMI-FINALISTS:   Will be informed about which Semi-Final they will appear in.
  • (Semi-Final 1) Friday 02nd October  
  • (Semi-Final 2) Friday 09th October
  • (Semi-Final 3) Friday 16th October
  • (Semi-Final 4) Friday 23rd October
    Each Contestant will be responsible for their-own travel and accommodation costs.
  1. It is mandatory for the Top 2 voted Winners of each Semi-Final to make themselves available to Rehearse the day after being selected for the Grand Final.   Failure to attend will lead to Elimination and they will be replaced by the next runner-up.  The replacement contestant WILL NOT be eligible to receive any prize retrospectively.
  2. FINALISTS:   The Grand Final is made up of the top two voted contestants from each of the four Semi-finals, placing a total of 8 of the highest voted contestants into the final.
  • (Grand Final) Friday, 30h October 2015
  1. WILDCARD:   Two further contestants will be selected as Wild-Card contender/s to take the final two placements in the Grand Final. The Wild-Card contenders will be selected at the Producer’s discretion throughout the season.
  2. PRIZE MONEY:  The Grand Final winner will receive $20,000.00 prize. Winners must provide their IRD number and Bank Account details before payment can be made. There is no prize money for the Semi-Finals. If the winner is under 12 – 16 years of age the winnings will be deposited into the bank account of the official guardian.
  3. The Producers are looking for a mix of talent, ages, musical genres, charisma and stories. The Producer’s decision is final as to who performs on stage in the heats.
    NB: We are a live-to-air show once your performance starts it will NOT be stopped unless the show suffers technical difficulty.
  4. TEXT VOTE:   The Winner is chosen by public Text Vote.
    NB: Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants who receive the highest text votes in the identified voting period will be declared the winner on the night. The results of this process are final and no further correspondence will be entered into.  In the unlikely event of a technical issue occurring with our text provider, MTS will ensure the results are confirmed at the earliest convenience.
  5. PAKI-DIAL:   Is an interactive tool for the public to give instant feedback. This does NOT count towards the vote system and will in no way contribute to the outcome of the evening.
  6. INSTRUMENTS:    Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants may accompany their performance with:
  • Wind Instrument(s)
  • Stringed Instrument(s)
  • Light Percussion Instrument(s)
  • Keyboard(s)

     NO Major Drum kits what so ever.

  1. INSTRUMENTS:    Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants intent on singing a Commercial Cover:
  • You CAN re-arrange the performance but not the Lyrics
  • You CANNOT alter lyrics; this would be a breach of contract with APRA.
  • You CANNOT replace lyrics with Te Reo Māori; this would be a breach of contract with APRA.
  1. Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants will be disqualified for breaking the law in any manner, using profanities or exhibiting lewd behaviour, failure to complete their song or failure to appear in the Semi-final or Grand Final.
  2. Māori Television reserves the right to refuse entry. Entry will be denied to someone who is perceived to be intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, behaving badly or in any way disruptive to the recording of the show. Ngā Kaiwaiata/Contestants suspected of being under the influence once backstage will be disqualified immediately at the Productions discretion
  3. We are a late night show with loud music, so absolutely NO babies or children five years or under are allowed into the studio audience. ALL OTHER CHILDREN are to be under the supervision of an adult at all times and may be asked to leave if they are distracting to the live show and or contestants.
  4. All performances will become the property of Māori Television.  All prize winners consent to the use of their name, image and entry for publicity and promotional purposes and agree to participate in reasonable publicity about the prize and Promotion as a condition of accepting the prize.  Māori Television collects your personal information for the purposes of running this Competition.  Please see our Privacy Policy for information on how we keep your personal information below:
  5. Māori Television do not run off or provide copies of performances within the show for personal use or distribution.
  6. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Māori Television and its suppliers, contractors and agents will not be liable for any cost, loss, damage or claim, whether direct, indirect and howsoever caused which is suffered or incurred by any person as a result of or in connection with entering the Promotion or accepting and/or using the prize. 
  7. Māori Television will not be liable for any person’s inability to enter the Competition due to any equipment or technical malfunction, network error or if our site or any entry mechanism is unavailable and is not responsible for entries not received.  Incomplete, illegible or fraudulent entries are not valid.
  8. Entry into the Pick-Me-Paki Promotion requires you to submit content to Māori Television you must read and agree with the Rules for When You Give Us Content which can be found at the link below: /tv /shows /homai-te-pakipaki / pick-me-paki
  9. Employees, contractors and agents of Māori Television and immediate family members of employees, contractors and agents of Māori Television are not eligible to enter the Competition.
  10. You must be a New Zealand or Australian resident to enter the Competition. It is compulsory for those travelling from Australia to commit their availability to the Semi-Finals and Grand-Final should they make it through.
  11. Māori Television’s decision in relation to the prize winner and/or any other aspect of this competition is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  12. Any questions about the Competition should be directed to Māori Television at: