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Homai Te Pakipaki

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Fridays, 8.30pm. Repeats Saturdays, 2.30pm.

Homai te Pakipaki is an interactive singing competition hosted by Brent Mio. Filmed LIVE every Friday night at Māori Television’s Studios, 9-15 Davis Crescent, Newmarket. Singers register at 3pm every Friday.

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Homai te Pakipaki

Heat 17: Sharmel Cook with an MJ classic, Cari Saulo from Kaitaia, Huhana Baker, TJ Tolley and some line dancing, Rangi Hopa in AK for the 1st time and, Rhiannon Epiha set fire to the rain to close.

Homai Te Pakipaki

Heat 16: Nathan Oakes with some rock, Ramona Yorke was 5x lucky, Awatea & Kamaea, Wiha Bryers with some Whitney, Mihi Martin, followed up by Jaxz Lemalama to finish us off.

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