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Homai Te Pakipaki

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Fridays, 8.30pm. Repeats Saturdays, 2.30pm.

Homai te Pakipaki is an interactive singing competition hosted by Brent Mio. Filmed LIVE every Friday night at Māori Television’s Studios, 9-15 Davis Crescent, Newmarket. Singers register at 3pm every Friday.

On demand Recent videos

Homai Te Pakipaki, Heat 7

HEAT 7: School mates Chance and Ocean perform a duet, from our Whanganui Regional the sultry sound of Hinerā O’Rourke, proud Dad Gordy Herbert singing for his son, singer songwriter Jacko Toimata, from our Rotorua Regionals Orewa & Emery and finally, rangatahi, Briana Rogers tries out with her rendition of a Jennifer Hudson classic.

Homai Te Pakipaki, Heat 6

HEAT 6 Tonight featuring: Darien Aipolani-Williams, Laney Van Jaarsveld, Nicole Maki, Heaven Pitman and two regional paki’s; LGW and Colin Puohotaua. 

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