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He Kupenga Hou videos

Smackdown ®, 21 October 2018

Weekly, in-ring flagship program with a compelling blend of athleticism and entertainment, featuring the high-flying action of WWE SmackDown Live Superstars. (R)

Pōtae Pai, Series 1 Episode 37

Healthy snacks can be yummy too! Join Krystal-Lee as she mixes her way to some tasty treats. Impress your friends with these classic Kiwi dips and home-made pita chips.

Tākaro Tribe, Series 2 Episode 14

Join the Tākaro Tribe as they find out what Kōtuku has brought them today. Learn how to spell "Panana" and listen out for these kupu: pūhuki, kōwhai and ānau. Are you ready?

Monsieur Chocolat

The rise and fall of the famous clown Chocolat, the first black circus performer who revolutionised the stagnant circus acts and conquered Paris of the Belle Époque with his exuberance and originality

Te Kāea

Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the experienced team of reporters bring you the daily news, featuring local, national and international stories from a Māori perspective.

Raw ®, 20 October 2018

Weekly, in-ring flagship program featuring ongoing storylines and unpredictable drama, showcasing the larger-than-life WWE Raw Superstars.

Analyse That

(AO) Paul Vitti is released from prison; but with his mental health in question he is left under the care of his psychiatrist, Dr. Ben Sobol. Starring Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal. (2002)