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The Game Chef

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Watch chef Angelo Georgalli as he hunts down and prepares his next meal amongst the breath-taking natural beauty of New Zealand’s Wanaka and Queenstown regions. While this is not a hunting show, The Game Chef gives an insight into the ancient hunting technique of archery, by following Angelo as he uses a bow and arrow to shoot game. He then works his magic as a chef, and demonstrates how to cook his catch.

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The Game Chef, Series 1 Episode 2

In this brand new cooking series, restauranteur Angelo Georgalli hunts down and prepares his next meal, set amongst the epic natural beauty of New Zealand's Wanaka and Queenstown regions.

The Game Chef, Series 1 Episode 1

Hunter & Chef Angelo Georgalli prepares clever and delicious meals, using his wild catch.  Today, Angelo prepares Salmon like you’ve never experienced it before. (PREMIERE)

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