Game of Bros

Enjoy some of the best-loved faces in Aotearoa determined to become the ultimate Polynesian warrior, including some mighty wāhine toa. Made with the support of NZ On Air. Thursdays, 8.00pm, repeats Sundays, 7.00pm. On Demand.

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Game of Bros, Series 3 Episode 7

It’s Grand Final time. The final 3 have proven to be the most determined to make it this far in the competition. Whoever triumphs on the day will be the new Game Of Bros Champion! (FINAL)

Game of Bros, Series 3 Episode 6

Only 4 contestants remain. Our warriors will use ancient survival techniques to make a cup of tea. Things are about to heat up as we draw closer to finding our Game of Bros Champion!

Game of Bros, Series 3 Episode 5

This week’s challenge is an individual one. Who will shine on their own? And who will miss the strengths of their teammates? In this episode our warriors must use their wits and channel their ancestors to gather their way to victory!

Game of Bros, Series 3 Episode 3

Our 8 remaining contestants battle it out.There is an obstacle course and a giant tapa cloth, as well as two sets of giant patterned tiles. Will it be brains over strength? And which team will work together the best to avoid elimination?

Game of Bros, Series 3 Episode 1

Join Games Master, Wairangi Koopu, as he surveys the newest batch of Māori and Pacific warrior hopefuls. This year there are two major differences: they are celebrities; and there are wāhine in the mix. (PREMIERE)

Game of Bros, Series 2 Episode 7

In an action packed grand finale, four warriors will face a series of challenging obstacles that will challenge them physically and mentally in an exciting race to the finish line to claim the title of ultimate Game of Bros warrior! Made with the support of NZ On Air.