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Born to Dance, Friday 24 March, 8.30pm 
Tū, an ambitious young Māori man from Papakura, dreams of being a professional hip-hop dancer.  When his father, a Sargent in the NZ Army, issues an ultimatum - find a purpose in life by the end of the summer or enlist - Tū decides that dance is his way out.

Trading Places, Friday 31 March, 8.30pm NO ON DEMAND
A snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.

Save The Last Dance, Friday 07 April, 8.30pm
A white mid-western girl moves to Chicago, where her new boyfriend is a black teen from the South Side with a rough, semi-criminal past.

Save the Last Dance 2, Friday 14th April, 8.30pm
Sara joins Julliard in New York to fulfill her and her mother's dream of becoming the Prima ballerina of the school. She befriends her roommates, Zoe and Miles, who teach hip-hop classes. She has ballet classes with the rigid and famous Monique Delacroix that she idolizes - Monique requires full commitment, discipline and hard work from her students. When Miles, who is a composer, invites Sara to help him compose the music for the dance choreography Sara's passion for hip-hop is sparked and she also falls in love with Miles. When she is assigned to perform Giselle in an important event, she feels divided between the technique of the ballet and the creative work offered by Miles.

Some Kind of Wonderful, Friday 21 April, 8.30pm NO ON DEMAND
When Keith goes out with Amanda, the girl of his dreams, Amanda's ex-boyfriend plans to get back at Keith. Meanwhile, Keith's best friend, tomboy Watts, realizes she has feelings for Keith.

Nacho Libre, Friday 29 April, 8.30pm NO ON DEMAND
Berated all his life by those around him, a monk follows his dream and dons a mask to moonlight as a Luchador (Mexican wrestler).