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Episode 19 - Ngarama Milner-Olsen

Fitness in the Whare Episode 19

Type of Exercise: Personal training tips – getting back into exercise

Intensity level: Medium impact

Instructor: Ngarama Milner-Olsen

Bio: Ngarama Milner-Olsen is an ex Pulse netballer who’s till plays local sport. She’s a personal trainer and New Zealand’s top female triathlete having just completed and placed third in the Triathlon long distance world championships in Sweden.

Main exercise moves that feature in this episode:

  • Pona teitei = High knees
  • Kutikuti = Scissors
  • Retireti = Skating
  • Whana whero = bum kicks
  • Omaoma = Running
  • Hīkoi whātoro = Walking lunge
  • Piko puku = Stomach crunches

- Starting movements slow and gradually building up will help to maintain correct technique.

- Squat - the key focus is keeping your front hip, knee and 2nd toe tracking together.

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