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Pakipūmeka Aotearoa - Documentary Aotearoa

Kaikohe Demolition, Tuesday 24 July, 11.00am
The far out meets the Far North in director Florian Habichts tribute to a community of characters drawn together by a desire to demolition derby.  Behind the bangs, prangs and blow-ups, the heart and soul of a small town, Kaikohe, is laid bare.

Seafarers, Thursday 26 July, 11.00am
Tiairani is born in Papeete. Tahiti. Her three children are born in New Zealand with her husband, who is Ngapuhi and from Matauri Bay, Northland. This is a documentary on cultural exchange and the connection between Va'a and waka ama, Māori and Ma'ohi. They travel to Tahiti as guests to watch and film the most exciting and improtant Va'a race in the world, the Hawaiiki Nui. 120 V6 teams race for the title to become world champions and win the highest paid prize in the sport. Travelling over 200km from Huahine to Bora Bora in the deep blue ocean over a three-day race. We are witness to the greatest team in Tahiti winning the event 4 years in a row. But also give a behind the scenes look at some of the greatest V6 teams in the world.

Dark Horse – The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance, Monday 30 July, 8.30pm
An inspirational true story of a group of friends from a working men's club who decide to take on the elite 'sport of kings' and breed themselves a racehorse.

Te Kati: The Goethe Mystery, Monday 30 July, 11.00am
Kotuku Tibble travels from his marae at Parewahawaha to Germany in an attempt to prove the claim he is related to Germany’s greatest poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Making of Utu, Tuesday 31 July, 11.00am
Gaylene Preston's 1983 TV documentary celebrates the chutzpah, ingenuity and burgeoning national pride of a bunch of young cowboy's out in the wild making the epic New Zealand movie of their dreams.

The Silent Soldiers, Wednesday 01 August, 11.00am
Before anyone goes into a county at the end of a conflict the de-miners are sent in.  Men and Women specially trained in the detection and destruction of unexploded ordinances, bombs and mines.  We follow the work of TE KIMITI GILBERT in one of the world's most heavily affected areas, CAMBODIA.

Educating Tama, Thursday 02 August, 11.00am
This ground breaking documentary tracks the students and staff of Hastings Boys High School over the course of one year to provide a rare glimpse of a real life Māori education success story, taking place one student and one whānau at a time.

Postcards from Afghanistan, Friday 03 August, 8.30pm
Comedian Mike King, veteran of the New Zealand stand up scene, ventures off the comedy circuit into the heart of war-torn Afghanistan.  His mission to entertain the Kiwi troops stationed in the various regions.

Helen's Story, Tuesday 7 August, 11.00am
Powerfully capturing Helen Ngahuia Thomas' last three years battling pancreatic cancer, where she finds that a Hospice is not just a place to pass on, and the importance of love and whānau during this time.