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Coming soon

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Coming soon.

E haere ake nei.

Coming soon to Māori Television and Te Reo channel.

Kawe Kōrero - Reporters Monday 29 February, 11.00pm
An inside dose from the news room as reporters dissect the day's events.

Cam's Kai, Monday 14 March, 7.30pm
Cooking series with Māori chef Cameron Petley.

Play, Monday 14 March, 8.30pm
A sport entertainment quiz show from a Māori perspective.

Real Pasifik, Tuesday 15 March, 7.30pm
Chef Robert Oliver endeavors to get resorts through the beautiful pacific to cook with local produce using traditional cooking styles.

Marae, Wednesday 16 March, 4.30pm
Bilingual current affairs show from a unique Maori world view for all New Zealanders.

Kairākau, Wednesday 16 March, 8.00pm
Kairākau is a series that ultimately examines our identity through the spirit of Tū Matauenga.

Game of Bros, Thursday 17 March, 8.00pm

Paki Vault, Thursday 17 March, 9.00pm
Comedic and entertaining links that often send up the presenter mixed with surprisingly good and occasionally not so good performances or moments form the series over its nine year run.

Matau, Friday 18 March, 7.30pm
A fishing and travel show hosted by Wiremu Hook.

The GC, Friday 18 March, 8.00pm
Reality series which follows the lives of a group of Maori living on Australia's Gold Coast.

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