ANZAC 2018

Join us for a day of remembrance with ANZAC Day coverage and special programming exclusive to Māori Television. Made with the support of NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho. Livestreaming: Auckland Dawn Service, 5.20am, ANZAC Cove Service 2.30pm.

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Daetona Rawiri - Manurewa Intermediate School


Nationality: Māori,  NZ European,  French

Iwi: Ngāti Whanaunga/ Ngāti Raukawa

Ko Tainui te waka                                                      
Ko Kohukohunui te maunga
Ko Waihihi te awa
Ko Tikapa te moana
Ko Ngāti Whanaunga te iwi
Ko Mateawa te hapū
Ko Ngāti Paoa te iwi
Ko Ngāti Hura te hapū
Ko Wharekawa te marae
Ko Tainui te waka                                      
Ko Hoturoa te tangata
Ko Wharepuhunga te maunga
Ko Puniu te awa
Ko Raukawa te iwi
Ko Ngāti Takihiku te hapū
Ko Rawhitiroa te marae
Ko Takihiku te whare
Ko Tainui te waka
Ko Hoturoa te tangata
Ko Tararua te maunga
Ko Manawatū te awa
Ko Ngāti Raukawa te iwi
Ko Ngāti Whakatere te hapū
Ko Whakawehi te marae
Ko Poutu te whare
Ko Doug Rawiri rāua ko Angela Rauhihi ōku mātua
Ko Daetona Tama Tauria E Te Ngaro Rawiri ahau

Roy Lindsey Arnold (great grandfather) - Airforce as a Radio Operator.  He is my great grandfather. He died in 1963 and is buried at the Mangere Lawn cemetery.  # 25107. His brothers Eric and Steve also fought.                         

Harawe Haki Reweti (Barney Snowden) also a cousin to Theodore, "gumdigger".  Served on the Maori contingent 9th Reinforcements, Last served on the NZ Pioneer Battalion.  Died at the age of 51 in 1947.   # 20814

1914-1918: Andrew (anaru) Snowden. Theodore Snowden's father. Served under the NZ Expeditionary Force with the 21st reinforcements Otago Infantry Battalion # 36684

WW 1                        
Thomas Snowden (cousin to Theodore) from Kaeo.  Served in the 4th Reinforcements in the Auckland Infantry Battalion.  Killed in action at Gallipoli 8th august 1915.  Memorial site at Chunuk Bair Cemetery, Gallipoli.  # 12 / 2121

WW2   1961-1975      
Peter Rauhihi (great uncle) fought in the Vietnam war and died, 24th November 1969 in Vietnam.  He was only 21 and was a part of the Royal NZ Infantry regiment . Cause of death was from his wounds in the claymore mines. He's buried at Shannon Marae.  # 43648

Theodore Snowden - from Kaeo "gumdigger." 1923-1988 died 65 years of age. I have some memorabilia in a old steel case with all his treasures, photos and collections while away.  # 454208.        

Te Whakahawea Rauhihi (uncle harvey). Served on the navy ship HMNZS Achilles around WW2.  He also was on board for the "battle of the river plate."  He was awarded medals for service to his country between 1839- 1945.  He didn't like talking about the war.

Korean war                
John Huiatahi Waea (great uncle).  He is buried at the RSA urupa Te Awamutu RSA cemetery.

Thursday, 24th April 2014

Being here in Turkey, seeing the way people go about their daily lives assures me that I'm a long way from my humble home in Takanini. Something that touched my heart was seeing kids begging on the streets.i walked past and felt guilty wanting to just help them.There are people that are walking on the motorway selling flowers,books and all sorts of stuff. The highlight for me so far has been the Blue Mosque.The Blue Mosque was just so amazing it was just mind blowing.The blue mosque is known for its blue tille which was a feature that I found impressive.

The different families we have visited has been quite amazing.The way they respect guests is  shown by the variety and the amount of food provided for us hungry Kiwis.Their generosity has been astounding. I hope I can still run around the rugby field. Each day now brings us closer to Gallipoli.I am now starting to get emotional knowing that ANZAC is so close. Now I am beginning to think about my family and tupuna that fought in the war.

Maku o kotou pouri tanga e kawe ki ta wa hi. HEI WHAKAWATIA