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    Te Arawa marae to minimise waste with Para Kore programme

    With the aim of minimising waste, Te Arawa marae are working hard to implement the Para Kore programme, a programme that is established throughout the country and has proven successful.

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    Para Kore! Plastic Free Tuesday a hit with Māori

    Plastic-Free Tuesday is a growing global movement which aims to make people conscious of their overreliance on plastics.  Participants are encouraged to avoid any plastic use on Tuesdays.  In Aotearoa, this 'Para Kore' initiative has found favour among Māori.

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    Para Kore initiative win Energy Globe Award

    The Māori initiative “Para Kore” is the proud recipient of this year’s Energy Globe Award.

  4. Para Kore in Piopio

    Marae divert over 60 tonnes of waste through Para Kore programme

    Marae in Aotearoa are continuing to take part in the Para Kore programme, based on reducing waste, recycling and composting. 

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