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  1. Tuvalu Village, Pasifika 2015 - Photo / file

    Pasifika to return to Western Springs in 2016

    The renowned Pasifika festival held in Auckland every March will be returning to its home ground, Western Springs Park for 2016.

  2. News

    Genes important in developing treatment

    More awareness of the genetic make-up of Pacific island peoples would assist in their medical care by creating a more tailored approach to their treatment says a researcher at Victoria University of Wellington.

  3. Video for Native Affairs - Kia Mānu, Kia Ora

    Native Affairs- Kia Mānu, Kia Ora

    Well the East Coast of Aotearoa has taken a hammering today as Cyclone Pam continues her rampage over the Pacific.

  4. Video for Native Affairs - An Urban Tragedy

    Native Affairs- An Urban Tragedy

    What could be worse than driving over your son or daughter?

  5. Video for Aucklander’s prepare for Cyclone Pam’s arrival

    Aucklander’s prepare for Cyclone Pam’s arrival

    Following the devastation caused by tropical Cyclone Pam in the Pacific which claimed the lives of eight people and 44 expected to be dead,  Aucklander's aren't taking any chances as Cyclone Pam approaches NZ shores.

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