Whānau Bake Off

Join host Kahurangi Maxwell on Whānau Bake Off for exquisite kai and friendly whānau competition. Amazing bakers share their finest recipes, tastiest dishes and most useful baking tips but who will win the whānau bragging rights?

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Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes video extras of Whānau Bake Off

Episode 15 - Tumanako Tinirau with Ngawai Beazley and Wikiriwhi Ratima

Episode 14 - Delaney Mes with Jax Oldham and Jo Stenning

Episode 13 - Kevin Gilbert  

Episode 12 - Gundy Pryor with Niko Manning and Piki Jakeman 

Episode 11 - Tumanako Tinirau with Ria and Kylie

Episode 10, Natalie Oldfield with SJ and Steph 

Episode 9, Reweti v Gundy with Jay Wanakore 

Episode 8, Ros vs Merenia with Rick Metcalfe 

Episode 7, Fou vs Katerina Fale

Episode 6, Cameron Petley vs Marcia Petley

Episode 5, Shelfords, Wayne "Buck', Joanne 'Jo' vs Eruera 'Eru'

Episode 4, Michelle Lee vs Moana Makapelu

Episode 3, Hon. Te Ururoa Flavell vs Miria Flavell with Gundy Pryor

Episode 2, Mahina Wehipeihana vs Huia Johnson with Wepiha Te Kanawa

Episode 1, Lou Tyson vs Jethro Gardiner with Allyson Gofton