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Pakipūmeka Aotearoa - Documentary Aotearoa

Maui's Hook, Monday 5 November, 8.30pm 
This docu-drama about facing the aftermath of suicide follows a hikoi from Parihaka to Te Rerenga Wairua.  On this journey we meet five whānau at five marae.  Each whānau has lost a family member to suicide and at each place the families work with the concepts of tika (alignment with truth), pono (truth) and aroha (compassion) to confront their trauma before joining the hīkoi and travelling to the next marae.  Paora Joseph, the filmmaker and psychologist, leads the first session and guides the subsequent sessions.  He facilitates wānanga (workshops) using proven tools that empower these whānau to uncover their truth and help one another in their journey to acceptance and recovery.

He Mangai Wahine- The Women's Voices, Monday 19 November, 8.30pm
The Forgotten Wahine places the suffrage stories of Maori and Pakeha women side ---by---side, drawing parallels and taking a look at a New Zealand that was divided not only by gender, but also by colour.  Kate Sheppard is rightly remembered as a visionary leader, but how many New Zealanders know the stories of the Maori women of the suffrage movement?