Youthtown Allstars kicks off

By Harata Brown
  • Auckland

At midday today, the Youthtown All Stars initiative kicked off in Auckland.

Premier basketball players from Auckland have been battling it out to gain a spot in today's final. Taking the court was Birdmen vs Flava Flyers.

In the first quarter, the Birdmen team were ahead, 30-18.

But the Flava Flyers soon fought back. Their forwards rose to the challenge making their shots and rebounds, while point guard Houston O'Riley maintained control over the team.

The Flyers scored 26 points in that quarter alone, and at half-time is was 48-44 to the Birdmen.

The final quarter brought a bit of excitement, as the game was neck-to-neck throughout.

With two seconds left on the shot clock captain Casey Frank drove to even up the score.  

The Birdmen stepped up a gear and the Flava Flyers couldn't match.

In the end the Birdmen won 107-101.