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Young Wynyard chip off the old block

There's another Wynyard rising in the sporting world. 

He's Tai Wynyard, son of current world champion woodchopper Jason Wynyard, but this young Māori man is pursuing a different sport altogether.

At 15 years of age and standing at 6' 8", Tai Wynyard is a current basketballer at the Breakers Academy.

Tai is the son of woodchopping legends Jason and Karmyn Wynyard, meaning he receives more than just good genes from his parents.

The Breakers club is also right behind this rising talent, earmarking him as a possible future star.  

With a university in Hawai'i also chasing him, Tai will have some big decisions ahead of him.

Tai is indeed one to watch, and no doubt it won't be long before another Wynyard becomes well known in the sporting world.