Young Tennis ace looks forward to 2015

By Wikitōria Day

Six months ago Te Kāea met 9-year-old tennis player Kalani Savage of Te Teko and just recently our reporter Wikitōria Day caught up with him to talk about his goals for 2015.

The start of a new year also marks the start of Kalani's first training of the year, and who better to train with, than his very first coach, his father.

Kalani Savage says, "Just no bad attitude and try and hit all the balls over as I can, Just trying to be more consistent with my hitting."

His family are present at every training session and match, no matter where he is and his older sister couldn't be more proud of him.

Celia Rameka says, “Im really proud he's done really good especially from the first time that I got to see him cos I don't get to see him play often."

They have remained his backbone during the two years he has been playing, however there are times where he feels the pressure with them around.

"Sometimes it makes me nervous and sometimes it makes me happy."

Despite the ups and downs of last year, there is the belief that this year will provide Kalani with more positive experiences.

Celia Rameka says, “I think he will do really good this year cos the last tournament I got to watch him play at he had a bit of work to do but I think he's had a pretty good rest now and he will do really good this year"

With his first tournament of the year only being two months away, Kalani is more than eager to kick off 2015 with a bang.

"Just trying to hit all those balls over and having fun."