Young cowboy does the hard yards to show off his Rodeo skills

By Wikitōria Day

It's that time of the year where summer sports events take place. Laurie Hawea who hails from the South Island, travelled afar from his home to Ōpōtiki for the annual Rodeo.

Te Kāea spoke with him recently about his journey around the world, where he pursued this sport he's passionate about.

It's a very long way to come on your own, but Laurie Hawea, of Te Whānau a Kai is so dedicated to the sport, he makes the annual journey to compete in the summer rodeos in the North Island.

He says, "Just all the bros around up here it makes it a bit better I suppose. A lot more competition and better money too."

He has seen a lot of benefits whilst pursuing this sport. His specialty events are, bull riding and the saddle bronc.

He's been overseas to various rodeo competitions, has competed against some of the best riders in the world.

Laurie says, "I've won about 5 steer riding titles, a couple of bull riding titles, calf riding ones and rookie saddle bronc and these are just high point wins at rodeo."

Not only has he done well in this summer's rodeos, but he has also shone on the international stage. The belt he wears is a testament to his many achievements.

"Hopefully get to the PBR in America we are gonna go to a few in Canada next year and see how we get on. Hopefully go good and go from there."

His involvement in rodeo doesn't stop there. This week he will also compete in other events that will take place in Northland. There's no doubt he will also be back in Ōpōtiki in a year's time.