World title for Camberley girl Anahera McClutchie

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Hawke's Bay has a new world champion martial artist, 23-year-old Anahera McClutchie who took home a world title for traditional weapons at the ISKA World Championships in Liverpool Australia.

She says she drew her weaponry inspiration from the poi during her kapa haka years when she was at school.

"I could relate it to poi so that's what helped me through learning my weapon is that I did it through kapa haka at school wanted to kind of adapt the poi skills to nunchaku so that helped me a lot," she says.

She'd placed third at the two previous world championships, but this year she brought home the title.

"I wasn't expecting to place anywhere because the 30 competitors I came up against were really talented in their weapon."

A few weeks out from the championships she injured her back but persevered to regain her mobility.

"Her back from strained completely on both sides so her back was like touching a piece of steel she had to loosen up and we had to tape it together in the mornings and make sure that was stretched out so that she could move throughout the day," explains her coach Tom Kupa.

She grew up in Camberley and has been doing karate since she was 11-years-old making this title her biggest achievement in her career so far.

She also won a second belt as the overall winner and will look to defend her title next year in the USA.