World Champion Kabaddi Womens team from India face NZ in 5-match series

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • Auckland

Watching the World Champion Kabaddi Women's team from India, going head-to-head with our Māori women from the New Zealand Kabaddi team is always an exciting encounter for the Auckland Punjab community.

India are here for a five-match series with our team who have only played kabbadi for three years.

Runners-up again for the New Zealand Women's Kabaddi Team at last year's World Cup Kabaddi Tournament, with champions India still at the top of the mountain.

India was so impressed with the skill of the New Zealand team they've brought two teams here for a competition and a five-match series.

A couple of matches were played at Takanini and the message from players and spectators was very much in support of growing the sport in New Zealand.

Cynthia Strickland from the New Zealand Kabaddi team says, “The weather wasn't looking too good earlier but the crowds grew and the women turned up for a hard competition.”

Those skills and Māori talent obviously shine when there are tackling, dumping and wrestling involved, and they are always on the lookout for new talent not just Māori either.

Riripeti Motu from the New Zealand Kabaddi team says, “Contact or email us on Facebook, New Zealand Women's Kabaddi Federation, for information on trainings, games and just come along don't be shy.”

Test results so far, India 2, New Zealand 0.  The next test will be played at the Sikh temple in Takānini, the Sunday after Easter weekend.