Warriors get match fit before Christmas break

The Warriors want to be in the best shape for the new season and have put more emphasis on their fitness so it's running and more running for the team in their last week of pre-season training before the Christmas break.

They're running off the Christmas ham before they've even eaten it.

“Cappy identified that we needed to be fitter and that's been a big focus for us,” says Jacob Lillyman.

One month into pre-season training the team is looking fitter than previous years due to the rigorous training programs for every player.

Sam Rapira says, “From the first week to now massive gains.... but compared to the last couple of the years we're definitely further ahead than where we were."

According to Lillyman, “The boys are looking awesome have been ripping in and the bodies have transformed.. just got to keep it going now."

While the Warriors are looking to be in great shape for 2015, they start their 20th season in the NRL with two away games against Newcastle and Canberra.

Lillyman says, "Two tough road trips to start the season off, it's going to be a bit of a challenge but I think it's better to get those road trips over and done with early."

"No matter where we are or who we play of we do what we practiced there's no reason why we can't win," Sam Rapira says

The NRL draw will also see the Warriors with twelve home games, eleven of which will be played at Mt Smart.

Rapira says, "All the boys definitely prefer to play here so i guess mentally it's a bonus for the boys

The team have some more high intensity workouts some time off over Christmas and the New Year spent with family and friends.

However, after the Christmas ham and New Year’s celebration it's back to the footy field and the eye on the prize.