Waitākere and Waikato take out Māori Bball nationals

By Wikitōria Day
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

It was a battle between Rotorua and Waitakere. In the first quarter, Waitakere took the 15-3 lead.

In the second quarter they then maintained their lead and were winning, 34-16.

Hard work and determination was evident in this game, however, it was Waitakere who stayed in the lead throughout its entirety. In the end, Waitakere won with 58-42.

It was a very close match between the Ngāti Toa and U21 Waikato U21 men's team. 27-29 was the score in the first quarter, however, Ngāti Toa made a return in the second quarter, making it 41-48.

Ngāti Toa was still in the lead throughout most of the game, however, Waikato became more and more hungry.  In the final quarter the score was even on 83-all, so they went into extra time.

Waikato was fortunate to score a further 5 points and eventually won the match this year.

The event will take place again next year.