Waaka makes NZ Sevens teams

There are four rookies named in the New Zealand Sevens team for the Wellington Sevens Tournament this weekend, and Beaudein Waaka from Ngāi Tūhoe is one of them. Coach Gordon Tietjens says he's been on his radar for a while.

Waaka has fulfilled one of his goals.

He says, "It’s a privilege and an honour to represent my country, represent my family and friends and I can't wait to get out on the field with the boys.”

Waaka's parents were also over the moon.

"I had my mum and dad running around the house when I got back to Hamilton. That was quite funny actually, seeing them running around."

Waaka’s sister Stacey is also in the frame to represent the New Zealand Women’s Sevens team, so where does this sporting prowess come from?

“I guess it just runs in the genes. Dad was apparently a good rugby player back in his day but I still don't believe to this day," says Beaudein Waaka,

He played for the New Zealand Secondary School team in 2012 and for the last two seasons has been a part of the Taranaki development side. Gordon Tietjens says he's got many assets including a big step.

“Beaudein's very explosive, he's also got the vision and excites me as a sevens player. When I say explosive off the mark, I mean someone that can beat one on one and someone that understands the game and has great vision"

But being a part of the sevens squad forced him to cancel a big celebration.

“I had my 21st on the 27th of Jan and last weekend was meant to be the big night but had to postpone it to come in to camp," says Waaka.

It are those sacrifices and mind-set that has seen Beaudein's rugby career propel and he's hoping to make a difference on the paddock with this team.

"I just want to get named in the twelve every week or whenever there's a tournament and just play my heart out for my country."