Valerie Adams aims to inspire younger generation

Over 100 school kids spent the morning hanging out with four-time world champion shot-putter Valerie Adams in Wainuiōmata as part of the Valerie Adams' Community Tour Active Post programme run by NZ Post, which are designed to get kids and their parents more involved in sport and recreation.

Right from the get-go, all the children, Valerie and the parents were on their feet.

The Valerie Adams' Community Tour started in Auckland on Sunday, moved to Rotorua on Monday and then Palmerston North yesterday.

Valerie says she loves the programme and being able to introduce children to a number of sports and movement.

“It's very important to be able to do this to be out in the community but for me if I can inspire one child to change their life for ever I can die happy tomorrow.”

Four schools participated in the programme today rotating around the different games that develop different movements.

The kids participating enjoyed meeting the sports legend and getting to touch her Commonwealth Games gold medal.

That could be all the inspiration needed for the next generation of sport stars.

Valerie Adams says, “These kids are the future of our country so we've got to get them healthy and as active as possible and if we can start that now and kick start that now and if the parents and teachers can keep motivating them, that's what we're all about today.”

Val and the programme will now move to Nelson and finishes in Kaitaia next Thursday.