Unlikely sport unites mokopuna and koro

  • Northland

Chester Ruawhare has been playing bowls for 10 years and this is his fifth year at the Aotearoa Māori Bowls tournament. He says it’s a sport that generates a high amount of interest in Northland.

One difference with his team that stands out this year is Kenny Mokaraka his ten year old team mate and grandson.  Mr Ruawhare says he is thrilled his grandson has taken an interest in the sport and his talent for someone so young is great because it requires a lot of focus and calm.

Kenny has been playing bowls for just two years and this is his first time representing his koro’s club at the tournament. He is unable to play any contact sports so decided to give Bowls a try and he enjoys it immensely “I get to meet lots of new friends and learn a whole lot of new skills he say's.

His team played their first game against a team from Franklin in Hamilton and came out on top both koro and mokopuna were thrilled with their win and proud of eachothers efforts.

Of the 240 competitors in the men’s section the spotlight was no doubt on young Kenny and the skills handed down to him from his koro.