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U15 & U17 NZ Māori sides named

By Hone-Haunui Rapana
  • Northland
  • Auckland
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty
  • North Island: West Coast
  • North Island: East Coast
  • Wellington

The NZ Māori age group teams were named this weekend, after Auckland took out both sections of the Māori Rugby League tournament

There was plenty of passion, pride and determination throughout the tournament. Tuteauru Maipi from Tainui and Ngāpuhi said, “It’s great competition for Māori, we're competing as regions to see who is the best."

While families and the other teams were there to watch the players showcase their skills, Australian scout Wayne Rushlan was looking for the next Rugby League star, “I'm here to scout for some talent, for myself and for NRL clubs back home and maybe the Warriors.”

Kalani Pewhairangi-Charlie of Ngāti Porou said there was added pressure knowing that the scouts were there, "It's a worry at times when you play.”

A special element of the Māori tournament is the haka section, but it was not without its controversy. Tournament selector Harley Raihe said the rule was no teams could cross their 40m line during the haka, "Auckland crossed their own 40m and went further by crossing the halfway line, now because of that, they didn't receive the two points even tho they won the game."

The U15 squad had eight players from Auckland, four from Wellington, two from Taranaki and Waikato and one from the BOP.

Tayla Jahnke was named U15 player of the tournament

The U17s squad consisted of five from Auckland, Waikato and BOP and a one from each of the Tāmaki and Te Awa Kairangi regions.

Waikato five eight Morgan Harper was named U17 player of the tournament.

Auckland took out both divisions, with the U15s beating Wellington 30-4, and U17s beating Waikato 22-20.


PLAYER                                      TEAM                       IWI

1 Brodie Strickland                  Waikato                     Tainui

2 Jay Te Kani                             BOP                        Ngāti Porou

3 Wipere Takitimu                    Taranaki                  Te Atiawa

4 Xavier Rogers                       Auckland                   Ngāpuhi

5 Zion Towers                          Taranaki                    Ngāti Ruanui

6 Te Rauangaanga Mangu     Auckland                   Ngāti Porou

7 Adrian Ah-sue                      Auckland                    Ngāti Kahungunu

8 Neihana Oldham                 Waikato                      Rongowhakaata

9 Tyrin Ona-Murphy               Auckland                    Te Rarawa

10 Tyler Jahnke                  Te Whanganui a Tara    Ngāti Toa

11 Denzel Pikari                   Te Whanganui a Tara   Ngāpuhi

12 Nitika Taniwha                  Auckland                     Tainui

13 Tyler Slade                        Auckland                     Ngāpuhi

14 Tamarau Kerapa         Te Whanganui a Tara      Ngāi Tūhoe

15 Lewis Afeaki                    Auckland                      Ngāti Awa

16 Usoalii Brown               Te Whanganui a Tara     Ngāpuhi

17 Harley Williams                 Auckland                    Te Rarawa


Mike Cudd (Auckland)


Tania Ngataki (Waikato)


Danny Levi (Te Whanganui a Tara)


PLAYER                                      TEAM                       IWI

1 Steven Marsters                      Tāmaki                    Ngati Maniapoto

2 Jackson Ferris                       Auckland                 Ngati Porou

3 Sebastian Rapana                   Waikato                 Waikato Tainui

4 Ezekial Cooper - Tetevano     BOP                       Ngāpuhi

5 Aublix Tawha                           Waikato                Waikato Tainui

6 Hayze Perham                          BOP                      Tūwharetoa

7 Morgan Harper                         Waikato                Waikato Tainui

8 Donovan Briggs                        Waikato                Waikato Tainui

9 Tuteauru Maipi                          Auckland             Waikato Tainui, Ngāpuhi, Te Rarawa

10 Keenan Ngamotu                    Auckland              Tūwharetoa, Ngāti Awa, Tūhoe

11 Taine Tipene                            Auckland                     Ngāpuhi

12 Te Tawhana Huata-Bramley  Waikato                      Waikato Tainui

13 Dylan Clarke                            BOP                            Ngāti Porou/Tainui

14 Jayden Sargent                       BOP                            Tūhoe

15 Roera Hartley                          BOP                           Tūwharetoa

16 Kalani Pewhairangi-Charlie   Auckland                   Te Arawa, Ngāti Porou

17 Quelem Kirkwood                  Te Awa Kairangi          Ngāti Porou


Keith Hanley (Auckland)


Mere Davis (Waikato)


Paul Warbrick (BOP)