U15 Akarana Falcons vs Waicoa Bay Colts

Day two of the U15 national rugby league tournament saw the Akarana Falcons take on the Waicoa Bay Colts at Bruce Pulman Park in Papakura.

Akarana showed their expertise in the first half, but a second half lapse almost let Waicoa Bay back into the game.

Following tradition, the haka set the scene for the match between the Akarana Falcons and the Waicoa Bay Colts on the second day of the national U15 league tournament.

The Akarana Falcons started strong, and in the opening minutes of the game they dotted down via their speedy fullback.

The momentum continued with the Falcons throughout the first half and the team scored another two tries to lead at the break by 16-0.

However, ill-discipline cost the Falcons in the second half and the Colts did everything they could to capitalise on it.

But a strong defensive effort by the Falcons in the final minutes held out a bolting Colts side to seal the victory.  From their two wins, the Falcons have qualified for the semi-finals on Thursday, and they're also thinking ahead to a place in the final.