Tributes flow at public funeral for Jerry Collins

Thousands have flocked to the public funeral of Jerry Collins to pay tribute and farewell the beloved former All Black.

The funeral is being held at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua the community he grew up in and loved.

Endearing speeches and messages of love and respect for the sports hero continue to flow at the service.

The tragic death of Jerry Collins and his wife as a result of a car accident shocked the nation and sports fans across the world and left the couple’s 4 month old daughter Ayla in a critical condition in hospital.

Marches of tribute were held in France and more recently in the community of Porirua where around 2,000 people marched along the streets of Cannons Creek to pay tribute to the sports star and his partner Alana Madill.

Participants of the march described Collins as a humble man willing to help anyone out with many choosing to remember him in their own special way.

Jerry Collins was returned to New Zealand earlier this week and friends and relatives of Collins, including Tana Umaga and Chris Masoe, were part of the small group who returned his body.

Following the public service today Jerry Colins will be laid to rest at a private funeral with close friends and family. 

Te Kāea reporter Ripeka Timutimu will be at the public service today and will bring you all the details tonight on Te Kāea at 5:30.