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Top NZ CrossFit teens keen to retain rank in Teen Gauntlet Gathering

By Aroha Treacher

Some of New Zealand's top CrossFit kids are looking to retain their top placed world rankings at next year's Teen Gauntlet Gathering to be held in Ramona, California.

For these teens, competing in the first round of the Teen Gauntlet qualifiers is their first step on their road to compete in America.

Paaka Babbington says, “It's just something that pushes myself and my skills to their limits.  It's just something that I love doing as well.”

At this year’s Teen Gauntlet held in L.A, 17-year-old Aidan Te Wake took the podium in the Varsity Division with two other New Zealand athletes.

Thirteen-year-old Campbell Hall weighs in around 55kg but he can hang clean and front squat his own body weight if not more, proving why he's currently ranked second in the world for novice boys.

Campbell Hall says, “They're quite hard and challenging. I've never tried anything like this before so it's good that I'm doing them now.”

There are still two more qualifying rounds to go, with the next confirmed for February 7 next year.

Competitors will need to participate in all three rounds before they can be considered for an invitation to the Teen Gauntlet Gathering.