Topic: Touch Rugby

Te Māhurehure U21s steal win over Sydney

By Rahia Timutimu

In the U21 women's final, it was a battle between Australia and NZ, with Sydney taking on Te Māhurehure.

In the first few minutes, both sides came close to scoring, but couldn't quite get there. This was the case in the first half with both teams nearly making the try line, only to fall short.

Te Māhurehure crossed the line many times, but mistakes made on the way saw those tries disallowed.

It wasn't until the 10th minute that Sydney crossed the line to score the first try of the game.

Sydney led at half-time 1-nil, which prompted a team talk in the Te Māhurehure camp.

Te Māhurehure was the first to score in the second half, equalising the score at 1-all.

Then again Te Māhurehure easily opened up the line of defence, scoring a try with only minutes to go.

In the end, Te Māhurehure proved too strong, winning overall: 2-1.