Te Arawa take out open men's final at Māori National Touch Tournament

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

The Māori National Touch Tournament took place in Rotorua over the weekend and has over 70 teams participating, included some that travelled all the way from Australia. 

In yesterday’s open men's final Te Arawa played against Te Rarawa. 

The old saying goes, Arawa on land is like lightning in the sky, and that was the case as they faced Te Rarawa yesterday in the Open men's final at the Māori National Touch tournament. 

In the first two minutes, a Te Arawa player was injured and had to come off, but that didn't stop Te Arawa crossing the line first.

For Te Rarawa it was do or die, giving it their all in the first half.

However, Te Arawa were too strong, taking the half with four points, to Te Rarawa's one. 

Kimo Houltham says, “The judges were good in this game, the way they controlled the game. We're a good team because we're really good mates, so we're able to communicate without words, our eyes indicate where to go and that's why we work well together.”

In the second half of the game the calibre of both teams was high. Te Rarawa put all their effort into reaching their try line but Te Arawa were just too strong, coming out on top in the end.

“Te Arawa is overwhelmed to have won for the first time at home here in Puarenga and to win for all of us was our main goal from the start of the tournament,” says Houltham.

The final score was Te Arawa 6, Te Rarawa 2.