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Taumaunu looks forward to spending more time with whānau

Silver Ferns head coach Waimarama Taumaunu has relinquished her role as the head coach of the national side.

It opens the way for new blood to take up the position she has held for four years.

She says her greatest memory of the position is the many lifelong relationships she has made at the pinnacle of netball in New Zealand.

Thirty four years at the height of national netball. Today, an end of an era.

Taumaunu says, “I don't know, I've been fully committed to this role. I've only made the decision that I won’t be going on in the last few days, and so tomorrow I will have to start thinking what I'm going to do in the future.”

A new direction for her future, the Silver Ferns head coach has relinquished a position which she says, "has been like her baby"

“Look to all intents and purposes, I've been in this role for 8 years and I firmly believe it’s time for a fresh approach, so it’s time for a new voice for the Ferns,” says Taumanu.

A voice that has captained the Silver Ferns to a netball world championship in 1987.

She went on to coach the England national side in 1998. Taumaunu is also an inductee of both of New Zealand and Māori Sporting Halls of Fame.

Spending four years as assistant coach, to Ruth Aitken, in 2011, she assumed the mantle of head coach of the national side.

Taumanu says, “My greatest memory will always be the people and the relationships. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with the young women that are Silver Ferns, watching them grow up and live their lives and to have been a small part of that. So it'll definitely be the people.”

Over the span of her involvement at the pinnacle of netball in New Zealand, she grew and fostered a new generation of netballers in the country

She says, “Watching those women grow, thinking I play a small part in those lives, particularly watching them grow as netballers. That’s what I’ll remember with greatest enjoyment.”

Applications for the national head coach position closed.  Now she turns to the side who have been waiting to have her undivided attention for many years now.

She says, “Looking forward to spending a little bit more time with the family.”