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Taniwharau back-to-back winners of Waicoa Rugby League Comp

By Wikitōria Day
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Taniwharau have yet again been named champions of the Waicoa Rugby League Championship.

They fought against the Ōtūmoetai Eels in the final held in Huntly and this is their third consecutive win in this competition.

Te Kāea spoke with some of the Māori players of the winning team. 

This year's Secondary Schools Haka champs, Rākaumangamanga led today's proceedings with a haka. 

The home team was the first to cross the try line. 

Ōtūmoetai strived to score a try, but the ball landed in the hands of Taniwharau.

However, it was a different story not long after; Ōtūmoetai's high kick allowed them to score.

Minutes later they were successful yet again.

Just before the half time mark, it looked as though Ōtūmoetai scored another try, however, the referees did not allow it.

Taniwharau made an eager come back in the second half.  Within only ten minutes, they scored two tries.

There was only a two-point difference between both teams at the end of the match, and there were cheers from the home town's supporters.

What better way to celebrate Taniwharau's 70th year.