Tainui champ to rep NZ Boxing at Commonweath Games

By Aroha Treacher

After narrowly missing out on the Commonwealth Games four years ago, welterweight boxing champion Bowyn Morgan, has proven that hard work does pay off.

Over the last four years he's fought his way to the top, never losing a fight in New Zealand and clocking up many an international victory.

It's been four years of pure grit and determination for 25 year old Bowyn Morgan, who is honoured to be representing his country in the sport that he loves.

Bowyn says, “it was amazing, everything we've worked for has finally paid off.”

His coach Phil Shatford says, “If he gets the right draw and the draw is real important, a bit of luck, this guy’s going to be hard to beat.”

It's been a long journey for this young Dad who has racked up over 100 fights, 71 wins and has never lost a fight in New Zealand in the last four years.

“I got a wee daughter as well and I spend a lot of time away from her, so it definitely does make it more important to do well, especially for her.”

He recently came back with the gold medal after fighting in 52nd Bellgrade Winners Tournament in Serbia where he knocked his opponent out.

Shatford says, “There's an old saying in boxing you're only as good as your last fight, and in his last fight he won gold, so let's hope we can improve on that.”

Bowyn says he has high hopes and wants to “go all the way, that's the main goal and we'll just take each fight at a time.”

Morgan has been fighting since he was 15-years-old and heading to the games is another rung on his ladder as he looks to achieve his ultimate goal of turning pro.