Super 8 ruling won't affect Rotorua Boys First XV national title

Head coach of Rotorua Boys’ High First XV, Ngarimu Simpkins, has revealed to Te Kāea, that a ruling relegating his team to last place in the Super 8 competition won’t affect the national title they currently hold.

This comes only a day after protest action from other schools involved in the Super 8 tournament suggesting Rotorua had fielded an ineligible player, during the Super 8 competition.

Te Kāea can confirm the protests from other Super 8 schools were not based on the age, or schooling year of a specific player.

However, because the Super 8 and National Top Four are two different competitions sanctioned by different bodies, Simpkins remains steadfast with his side.

Rotorua Boys’ High School senior staff members met with officials on Friday afternoon, however, specific details of what was expressed in that meeting are still unclear.

NZ Secondary Schools Rugby Council Chairman, Garry Chronican says, there is “no suggestion of stripping the national title from Rotorua Boys’ High."

He adds confirmation, that “every Rotorua player that played in the semi-final, and final, of the National Top Four was 100% eligible."

Simpkins says, “Our AP [Assistant Principal} went to a meeting yesterday, and I’m still waiting for the details."

Chronican revealed that NZ Rugby are currently undertaking an independent review of player eligibility in schoolboy rugby. This will be overseen by “someone not involved in rugby, but well respected in New Zealand sporting circles."