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Steven Adams takes top honours at Wellington Sports Awards

By Ripeka Timutimu
  • Wellington

Steven Adams was the big winner at the Wellington Sports Awards, beating out Conrad Smith and Irene Van Dyke for top honours. Around 500 people attended the awards last night at the TSB Arena in Wellington, and there was no doubting all eyes were on Adams throughout the night.

He's used to scoring two-pointers on the basketball court, and last night Steven Adams carried on that sentiment by scoring not one, but two awards in recognition of his meteoric rise in the NBA.

It's been a hard journey up to this point, but Steven Adams is taking it all in his stride.

The 20-year-old is back on a fleeting visit before he returns to his Oklahoma City Thunder team next week, and was humbled to take out the top awards.

Steven Adams says, “It's huge man, I’ve looked up to all these dudes.  I just remember reading about it and Conrad Smith, I didn’t think I’d be in his footsteps.”

Adams paid due respect to his family including Blossom Cameron, and long-time mentor Kenny McFadden, whom was also honoured by his induction as a Sports Legend of Wellington.

Luckily for Adams basketball has worked for him, though he says he has a backup plan if it all goes down the drain.

He says, “Yeah, hard farming, that’s what I wanted to do - dairy farming.  My brother got me into it and I really loved it, still love it now, probably go back to that.”