Spartakiade athletes set to soar on and off the field

Spartakiade is all about fostering young athletes, not only in league but also in life. Teaching them the importance of education and excellence through sport.

The althetes push themselves both physically and mentally in training and in the weekend the boys got to put what they've learnt to action playing against the Tongan under 18 league team.

The boys from Spartakiade have been training since November, priming themselves for the footy season ahead.

Steve Roberts, of Te Rarawa says, “we have great line speed and great communication, all the things we've been pushing for the entire 16 weeks which was hard."

The Spartakaide recruits have been training 3 hours per day, 5 days per week in the last four months. While league is the focus, teaching them the importance of education and excellence is also paramount.

Steve adds, "as well as rugby league it's also about these bigger things and bigger structures in their lives, where they're heading and how they're going to get there"

Both Spartakiade and Tonga impressed on the paddock in the weekend, scoring multiple times.

Finau Payne, from the visiting Tongan delegation says that “it’s good to test the boys against Spartakiade to see where we are fitness wise physically and it is good to have these games before the season"

The game finished with a 26-all draw, but it's the long-term plan for the players that is of the utmost importance.

"Reality says that most of these guys, their careers are over by the time they're 30, the hard work needs to be done now if they leave it, it's gonna make life a lot more difficult for them" says Steve.

However, judging by the performances on and off field today, all involved are definitely