South Auckland has Parker's back

By Mānia Clarke, Tamati Tiananga
  • Auckland

Thousands of Joseph Parker fans will show their support ahead of his fight against Carlos Takam tonight, it's one of the biggest boxing fights in NZ history. Te Kāea reports live from the Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau, and Auckland.

There's only one champion to the locals in South Auckland.

Even though there is an 11-year difference between Parker and his opponent Takam, which means nothing to his followers.

The fight is taking place in the heart of South Auckland. The place where Joseph Parker grew up, but, it's likely that the majority of his supporters won't watch him fight in person.

“No I didn't get a ticket, but I'm happy to watch it with my family, so we can cheer up together, yeah, and scream together,” says a Parker fan.

According to his followers, this is his time.

“He deserves his time at the top.  We need a heavy weight from, from, from New Zealand to win the title so, I think he's just following on from David Tua. I think tonight's fight if he wins, it's a guaranteed title shot, and so, he has to win, yeah!”

Parkers done all he can, the rest is up to divine intervention.