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Samoa ready for All Blacks' arrival

The All Blacks and Manu Samoa named their teams today for their historic test match on Wednesday in Apia.

Māori All Black captain Charlie Ngatai was named on the bench.  Samoa has two things dear to their heart; Religion and Rugby.

Samoa can't wait for the All Blacks to arrive tonight.  It doesn't matter where you look or which village you're in, Samoa is buzzing.

It's clear they're behind their men in blue, the Manu, but also the "Men in Black".

While the island is in preparation mode, so too are their beloved rugby players.

The Manu is only two days away from playing the All Blacks in their backyard in front of their people.

With pride and passion also comes the pressure for these players with the nation's hopes of a historic victory in their hands.

But if the atmosphere is anything to go by, Samoa has already won.

The All Blacks arrive later on tonight and will be meet with open arms by the Samoan people before a full day tomorrow with a parade, a drill session with kids and also the captain.