Rugby advert triggers mass feedback online

Bluesky promotional video of Manu Samoa vs All Blacks match

A promotional video advertising the upcoming clash between the All Blacks and Manu Samoa has generated a lot of feedback online.

The video shows an individual performing the haka ‘Ka Mate’ to a member of the opposing team, it then shows him running away screaming after he is confronted by members of the Samoan community on the field.

The video posted by Broadband provider Bluesky Samoa promoting the sold out July 8th match in Apia has been shared by thousands,  which calls for the Samoan community to stand behind their team

Bluesky Samoa says, “We are pleased with the positive feedback to the video. The video was intended to create positive excitement about the upcoming historic test match by highlighting the rivalry between the haka and siva tau and largely the response we have received has been positive.”

A Te Kāea Facebook post asking followers for their thoughts on the video generated mixed reaction, with some finding the video offensive, while the majority labelled it as humorous.

Te Kāea approached Bluesky Samoa for a response to the feedback and Marketing Lead, Verona Parker says, “To anyone who has taken offence to this clip, we apologize unreservedly, the video was intended to create positive excitement and was in no way intended to be offensive. We have set up a much stronger review process internally and where possible we will be seeking customer feedback prior to future communications to ensure our messages are received in the positive manner in which they are intended.”

The sold out match is expected to flood the city of Apia with rugby fans from around the world.

The promotional video can be viewed by following the link.