Roller Derby a huge hit in Whakatane

By Wikitōria Day
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Its a sport that was established nearly 80 years ago and although it derives from America, it's also developing in New Zealand.

Just recently our reporter, Wikitoria Day met a few Māori players who are pursuing this sport.

Its not as though it's a sport for everyone, however, these skaters are very passionate about this sport and the many skills it provides.

The team was only established in 2012, however if you were to watch them play, it's as though they have been playing together for a long time.

According to these Māori skaters, they took a liking to all aspects of the game, not just one in particular.

Kahurangi Gage says, "I like the strategy and working as a team, us all being cohesive and the togetherness"

Although the sport of Roller Derby is still very much a new sport in New Zealand, the strength of this Whakatane team is evident.

Skater, Pare Heremia has final words for those who have never played Roller Derby before.

"If anybody ever wants to give derby a go give it a go it will lift your confidence and your self esteem"