Porirua City United Club win against Waikato Marlinz

While former champs the Ramblers, Pōneke Kilbirne and the Hutt Valley Dodgers are gunning for another national club title, the Porirua City United club are rebuilding with two thirds of their players under 19.

The majority of this team could be playing at the U19 Nationals.

Coach, Les Bishop says, "10 of the fourteen man squad they'll be under 19 guys and 4 or 5 of them are 16, 17 so really pleased at what they've been able to do."

Jayden Hapi says, “It's a big step up from what I'm used to playing, you learn a lot especially with the likes of the older guys in the team we just gel together really well and learn a lot from them."

Traditionally there would be a number of the Bishop whānau in the team but it's only their dad, Les Bishop who is coaching the team here this year.

Coach Les Bishop says, "It's the first time in 12 seasons that we haven't had a Bishop in the roster well in this tournament anyway."

That being said, Porirua City United's (PCU) opposition today were the Waikato Marlinz and Porirua City United started well, and took the lead in the first innings.

Porirua held on to their 1-nil lead until the top of the fifth when their ex-Black Sox player Gene Sutton got a good piece to collect another run as well as stealing a home base for himself too.

Gene Sutton says, "It's hard especially with the young guys with a pitcher like that we got a lot of strike outs but we sort of nibbled away and scored the odd run."

Porirua Club United played tough and didn't let the Marlinz get anyone home, winning 3-0.

Bishop says, “I think we're two and 0 at the moment against some pretty good sides we've been able to shut them out so we're really happy right now."

“2-0 against some decent opposition but it's always promising when the young fellas are performing," says Sutton.

If Porirua Club United can take their winning ways thought to tonight's game against the hosts Northcote, they'll head into day three unbeaten.