Topic: Rugby

NZ Women’s Sevens team set to hit World Series

By Te Kāea

With the recent announcement of the New Zealand Women's Sevens, the team are set to hit the World Series for their final two tournaments in London and Amsterdam.

A platform for the team to learn and build together towards Rio Olympics 2016.

Looking ahead and building the foundation to be a winning team.

Coach Sean Horan says, "The evolution of this game has been rather dramatic over the last couple of years and we've really seen teams are fitter, faster, stronger, but also better skill-set and rugby fundamentals."

Honey Hireme says, “The pressure is on but we want to go out and play our game and make sure we continue to dominate and put good steed for the Olympics.  We want to go out and finish these 2 tournaments on top and still go out there and play at the best of ability.”

Sean Horan says, "I think there are always areas to improve on, you know, from our set piece, all the way down to looking after the ball the decision making in certain areas."

For Honey Hireme, it's been the fruits of her labour, and now the apple is in her reach.

She says, “Back then it was a distant thought with my age, but now that we are 14 months out, there’s a few of us that started this goal three years ago.”

The teams have their eyes focused on the prize.

Hireme says, “To know that you’re going to part of the overall Olympic team, and we have such a good chance and for women athletes in general.”