NZ heavyweight to debut under Danny Green

By Tamati Tiananga
  • Australia

New Zealand heavyweight boxer Hemi Ahio will debut on Danny Green's undercard in Melbourne next Wednesday, August 19.

The 24-year-old boxer, who fights with a style and ferocity reminiscent of Mike Tyson and David Tua, will face former world kickboxing champion and K1 fighter Andre "The Giant" Meunier.

He has phenomenal power.

Hemi Ahio says, “I've got to give a big thank you and shout out to Danny Green for picking me up and wanting to have me on such a card."

After watching Ahio fight twice, four time world champion Danny Green asked Hemi to feature on his fight event.

His opponent has had 40 kickboxing bouts with 31 wins.

Lolo Heimuli says, “Tyson used to explode into these tall lanky heavyweights, and I guess because we try to do the similar thing because you can't be casual and just in to those big guys' punches and you get knocked out before you even get there.  I think that's where this Mike Tyson thing came about."

Grant Arkell, the man who guided Joseph Parker's amateur career also watched Ahio train recently and was impressed with what he saw.

Arkell says, “He's got the power of a heavyweight. He's got the speed.  He's a good learner, he's learning, I hadn't seen him for three months and I watched him here sparring with Carlos the other day, and thought gee has he improved."

Monty Betham says, “He's got Lolo Heimuli who's teaching him everything he needs to know. He's got great sparring down there and the boys around the place, and that's where he gets his learning. And that's when he's gonna get tested."

Ahio and his team fly out for Melbourne on Sunday.